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We understand that to the uninitiated and or non-technical person, SEO is not simple at all.

We want to make it easy for you to understand SEO, and have the confidence to know that we will make SEO easy for you. ..Simply put, we have the expertise required to help you rank higher in the search engines like Google.

....Just click play on the video presentation below and the SEO Process will become clear


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...If only SEO was that simple eh? :) ...The truth is that if you're not fairly technical, and have a lot of time on your hands to master SEO tools and resources it's probably best to get professional help.

If you want help with your website then Contact us HERE - if you are curious about SEO in general and / or what we're doing with this page, please do read on..

This page was supposed to have a funny video you all want to link to by now, (in pic above) written, presented and filmed by our extremely fit new SEO assistant, who is also in the picture above, but it hasnt happened yet, and the one year time limit on our SEO demo is just about up (18-11-08) so it's time for a rewrite and to be a little more open about this page in particular.

There's a lot of chat in internet marketing circles about " Content being King" and with certain provisos, we would still say that is true, and importantly, its likely to become more true with the passing of time.

However, that said, what exactly is the definition of website content? it just what is written on the page? We think not. Good content will get you good quality editorial links, which is what Google would like the web to be driven by, and which can definitely help you in the SERPs, but a clean, well put together, and highly optimised HTML framework around your content will take it into the next level entirely.

That's what this page was all about experimenting with, and finding the limits of exactly how much content is required per page, and how much is the intelligent application of pagerank through optimised HTML. This page was designed to target 3 primary phrases:

    • Simple SEO - currently #12-15 - has ranked as high as #4
    • Easy SEO - currently #12-15 - has ranked as high as #7
    • SEO made easy - currently #8-#12 - has ranked as high as #5

and several secondary phrases and variations as below.

    • SEO for the non technical - currently #1
    • Simple SEO solution - currently #3
    • SEO made simple - currently #9
    • Easy SEO solutions - currently #12

While these positions are not stellar, it is important to realise that until 18-11-08 , the "content" consisted only of the words on the page above the picture currently.

It was, apart from the HTML framework, titles etc, a MERE 66 words.

We basically worked as many keyphrases and variations on the theme as we could, into a highly focused HTML framework, with as minimal body text as we possibly could, powered it up and watched what happened. It has bounced around in a lot, but as of today the positions are as above.

Then we compared it's long term serp performance with it's sister page, Rank Better / Higher in Google. Comparison of the two pages performance since launch has shown some very interesting differences between "content rich" pages and lighter content pages.

Rich content, it turns out, is much more stable in it's rankings than light content.

Although both pages were similarly optimised, and then integrated into the site via contextual bodytext links, and although both went PR4 in their first Google Toolbar export, and showed similar chart strength and positioning "Rank Higher" was rock solid with just the usual flux movement, where "Simple SEO" has been wildly fluctuating from #80's to 1st page and back, and anywhere inbetween for months.

What is even more interesting now is that despite continued good (if a little bouncy) rankings remaining, the page is now showing the greyed out toolbar. [edit 18.04.09 back to PR3 last update]

After this birthday page re-write and next recaching we would expect this page to stabilise for all it's terms at around the #8-#12 mark, why not bookmark us and pop back in a couple of weeks to check it out?

So it would seem that even though you can bludgeon your way upwards in Google using optimisation skills and pagerank, if you want anything like stable rankings your content really does matter.

More importantly of course, to actually sell anything to your customers when you get there, your content has to be comparable or better than your competition, so why not do it right first time and reap the Google, and business rewards?

Whether you choose to go the Wordpress / other CMS route, traditional HTML / XHTML, dynamic template site or whatever, there are certain simple SEO fundamentals that will make the difference between your site being a a plain old factory Ferrari, or a Championship series winning racecar.

We've got it down, so give us a call.