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Firstly, our very own SEO demonstration website  This site first went live on the 18th Nov 2007. We felt that an SEO Company with plenty of work on should really be demonstrating our SEO abilities on our own site for all to see, so here it is.

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Please note this page is now a tiny fraction of our happy client base, there are several new pages under construction. In the meantime more clients can be seen here:  -  Google Top 3 in 3 weeks

"This is very Good. Really very happy about this. Very impressive. Let's see how it pans out, very exciting"  - Mark Watkins - La Grande Bouffe Catering.

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La Grande Bouffe Catering have a newly built Flash website which often have inherent problems being seen by Search Engines and ranking well. We designed and installed an accurate HTML SEO'd Mirror site to allow for easy viewing by the engines and to satisfy the Accessibility guidelines for disabled web users.  -  Google 1ST PAGE FOR TARGET KEYWORDS

"SEO Ibiza have been instrumental in designing the search engine strategy for our website launch. Their SEO by Design service allowed our Flash website to be ranking #1 for our name and first page on some keywords on the day of the site launch, and first page exposure almost immediately for a lot of our terms. Our full site is in effect 5 months old and on Google first page for some decent phrases already."

- Cathy Ouwehand - Ouwehand & Wall Sa Olivera - Jul 2008.

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"It's good to know that whenever people search for anything swimming related in Ibiza my site tops their listings, the website has played a much greater role in introducing customers to us because of this"  Ruth Osborn - Ibiza Swim

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