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Internet Marketing

In the 1989 film "Field of Dreams" Kevin Costner famously said " Build it and they will come", and being a film, they did. Unfortunately for todays small businesses, unless you have something absolutely unique, this approach wll rarely work for your website on the World Wide Web. With estimates at there being more than 29 Billion pages out there these days, the Search Engines are extremely unlikely to put your website where you need it, when you need it there, which is at the top of our customer's buying searches, by mere chance alone.

Apart from "Organic SEO" and managed SEM campaigns you should also consider several types of other e-marketing techniques to attract people to your business, and your website if applicable..

The "Ibiza Brand" has now become a globally recognised hallmark for all that is young, fashionable, exciting and trendy, and a lot of companies are trying very hard to brand themselves with this image.

Through our Marketing & Branding Partners, SimarIbiza and Ibiza Brand Experience, we can we can provide you with consultancy, planning and development for marketing campaigns including:

  • Online PR & Article publishing
  • Blogs, Creation, Integration, Maintenance and Content
  • Forum participation
  • Email Marketing
  • Online Advertising - various types
  • Viral Marketing


We can supply SEO Web design website packages ready to rank highly in Google right out of the box to people here on the island for special rates. Please contact us to discuss.

If you have an Ibiza based business website, whether here on the Island, or a global brand with an interest in Ibiza and internet marketing from / in Ibiza, then..

Please contact us to discuss your requirements